The Oregon Dept. of Ed features Learning Options

The Oregon Department of Education has a newly redesigned website featuring a section titled Learning Options. Accessible from the main navigation, it appears across the top of every page. No matter where you navigate you are always just one click away from Learning Options – just happens to also be the name of my business (Learning Options).

In fact, Learning Options has been my assumed business name since August, 1986, when I moved to Portland to launch a new career as a networker & virtual community organizer.  Shortly after re-locating, I registered my business name with the State of Oregon. Hard to believe, that was 30 years ago.

1986 was well before the Internet was accessible to schools and the general public and way before the now-ubiquitous World Wide Web (back then, even email was a novel idea). However, I could see the potential for the transformation of education through the emerging technologies of electronic, computer-mediated communication (remember RBBS?). I felt a calling to play my part in connecting/supporting innovative educators.

My work has changed dramatically over the decades, but the mission remains the same. I use my knowledge and skills to support projects and initiatives that empower educators to provide options not just for students, but for their own professional learning as well.

I’m delighted to see Learning Options as a prominent feature of the ODE website.


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